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Music Management Software

Music Management Software: Where to get the best Music Management Software? Manage music - easily with automatic music manager, MP3 music management software and digital music management software for your computer and music player. Music management

Music Manager

Music Manager: Where to get a good Music Management Software? Manage music, automatically sort music and organize music with automatic Music Manager. Music Manager - is a music management software, music management program, digital music manager, music


FIFA 09 Music Changer  v.

FIFA 09 Music Changer is a music management utility for FIFA 09. If you have FIFA 09 installed on your Windows computer, FIFA 09 Music Changer allows you to carry out several playlist management tasks.

Touch Music  v.

Music player for athletes, motorists, and all who are in motion. Easy music management with gestures. No need to look at the screen. Functionality: Managing player with guestures Managing player with

Digital DJ Dance Manager 2013 03-03  v.3

The Digital DJ is a dance music management program which can be configured in a variety of ways to operate with one or more computers and one or more displays.

Dynamic Playlist Creator  v.2.0

Dynamic Playlist Creator is a free application, which can be used for impactful and simple music management. It has many features such like MP3 tags editor and capability to create own lyrics database.

Tunes Playlist Converter  v.2.0 Beta 2

Tunes Playlist Converter is a project written to fill the gap between iTunes and Android, while not switching to another music management system. Having used iTunes Agent for awhile, and waiting for their next version,

LyricsManager  v.3.0

This music management tool allows you to organize your music files, play them back, and search for more musical information from the Web. You can also combine lyrics with your media files for karaoke playback.

MusicMatch Jukebox  v.10.00.4040

This program is an all-in-one, digital-music management tool that rips, mixes, burns, organizes, plays music, and lets you Super Tag album and artist information to your MP3s. Musicmatch Jukebox is On Demand Ready, with access to a catalog of 800,

Power Music Essentials  v.

Management and software for musicians - display music on screen like a digital music stand. No more paper, fast search of your songs and instant display. Create playlists (set lists). Powerful chord sheet editor. Transpose chords. Scan music directly

JB Music Catalogue  v.

JB Music Catalogue is a program that allows you to easily catalogue your music collection.

M-DVD.Org V2

M-DVD.Org V2 provides you with a uniform interface to easily and professionally manage your music and movie collections and the corresponding covers. With a few clicks only the program collects CDs and DVDs. It finds all the multimedia details stored on

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